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Waste and Facility Management

ADVACON offers a full range of cutting-edge solutions, but not limited to the following:

. Management solutions and services for solid and liquid municipal wastes.

. Facility management Environmental consulting services.

. Cleaning and turn around solutions covering catalytic reactors, boilers, heat exchangers, distillation columns and a broad spectrum of materials handling systems.

. Extraction, storage and management of hazardous materials.

. Integrated Waste Management and Recycle Centers (IWRC) compromising state of the art, modular treatment technologies for hazardous and nonhazardous wastes, with a maximum emphasis on recovery, reuse and recycle of resources.​

. Transport and logistics solutions including a full range of ADR certified super-suction, vacuum and atmospheric, transportation vehicles with comprehensive emission control system in-built.


ADVACON was able to Integrate Environmental Solutions & Services offers a holistic approach to environmental management in industries from upstream to downstream, encompassing all technical, operating and management services associated with:

  • Industrial cleaning & maintenance.
  • Transport & logistics.
  • Waste management.
  • Facility management.
  • Treatment, recycle, minimization & safe disposal of residues.


ADVACON is a leader in the field of Integrated Waste Management, Facility management and Recycle.
We provide the full requirements of the industries from coast to coast. Our plants can cater to a broad spectrum of wastes, and modules for new waste types can be readily incorporated through our Engineering Centers of Excellence. Through the years, ADVACON works with its clients to provide Best Available Technology in all its products and services. With Health and Safety as our cornerstone, we ensure that our plants, equipment and systems meet the maximum safety for our well-trained personnel and neighboring communities.

Through years of experience, ADVACON was successfully able to fulfill all its projects concerning waste and facility management. ADVACON was able to maintain the satisfaction of its clients and maintain a healthier environment for the people. In the below, you will find the projects that ADVACON already completed regarding waste and facility management.

  • ADVACON was responsible for the waste and garbage collection for all the labors in Turaif Central Residential Area for Solid Trash, Sewage Treatment, Liquid municipal Wastes, and Hazardous Wastes.
  • ADVACON was responsible for 3 years:

‾ The collection of waste and garbage, Organic wastes, Solid trash, Hazardous wastes Liquid municipal wastes, and Recyclable rubbish.

  • ADVACON was responsible for the waste management.

— Solid trash, Recyclable rubbish, Organic wastes, Liquid Manipal wastes, Hazardous wastes, and Sewage treatment.

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