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Marine and Naval Civil Works Advanced Concepts for Contracting Co. (ADVACON), works with a wide variety of Marine and Naval Civil Works, delivering Marine projects of all types and specifications, Sonar Installation, Dredging, and Installation of LV and MV Services such as:
• Planning and design.
•Naval Civil and Engineering Works.
•Installation of Under Water Sonar and Equipment.






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Waste and Facility Management
Waste management and recycle, facility management, municipal waste management disposal. We GUARANTEE THE EFFICIENCY AND SUSTAINABILITY. Our aim is to maximize sustainability through efficient use of environmental health and safety.

Basic Telecommunication Work Categories
• Copper and Fiber Optic Cable system Design and installation
• Network Engineering and design sourcing of all cables, cabinets and components.
• Buried Ducted and overhead cable installations.
• Joining Metallic Jelly Filled and Pressurized zed cable.
• Arc Fusion splices Fiber Optic cables joining.
• Cable Testing to ensure good connectivity.
• Commissioning of Cable Networks from the.Central PBX to the cabinets and DP’s.
• Cut-Over of existing circuits to new cable.facilities

Civil Construction
We have played a leading role in civil construction in the region for nearly eleven years and have obtained a class three certification in buildings in Saudi Arabia. Our engineering expertise covers the traditional disciplines of civil engineering and extends into project engineering. This strength in engineering allows us to accurately gauge the requirements and practicalities of every project that presents itself.

Electrical and Mechanical Work
• Service Provided:
• Installation of MV Transformers, RMU’S.
• Supply and Installation of Lighting Fixtures, Panel Boards.
• MV/LV Cabling and Manholes.
• Fire Alarm System works.
• Termination of MV/LV switches Gear and cables.
• Grounding.
• Low Current System.
• CATV System.
• Lighting Protecting System.

Final Developing Works
n conjunction with the site development and construction activities, ADVACON also undertakes contracts for final development works, including:
• Landscaping.
• Site Completion.
• Water and sewage system.
• Security fencing.
• Electrical and telephone cabling.
• Asphalt paving of large infrastructure.

Temporary Facilities, Infrastructure

All civil engineering work concerning E & M utilities, transportation, and industrial facilities, refineries & process buildings are only a selection of the types of large projects that we have successfully worked on. We deliver these facilities as a fully collaborative contracting partner. Offices remain the main types of structures that we engineer, procure and construct on a frequent basis. Their size and complexity mean that our specialized project management approach must continuously adapt in order to satisfy the project constraints. Over the last eleven years a range of temporary facilities have also been completed to the highest professional standard. .

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Public Sector
Public buildings are an important part of our work, and we are proud to be involved in building schools, along with mosques, embassies and public spaces. Services we provide to clients in this sector include:
• Time & Construction Management.
• Civil & M.E.P Engineering.
• Fit-out, operate and maintain.

Mechanical Parts of Assembling
• Mechanical Parts of Assembling for Water Pipes Fittings, Valves tanks PVC, PPR.
• Galvanized, PEX, Circulating pumps, Chilled and hot water piping systems.
• Forged stainless-steel Fittings, Carbon steel Fittings, Cast steel/Stainless Steel, Gate Globe.


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