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Quality Control and Manual

“All work meets or exceeds Owner expectations by executing work right the first time, and by employing a culture of continuous improvement in all that we do”.


Our Team

Is tasked with seeking ways to improve the quality of our work processes, products, and services.

Projects are guided through a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program that accounts for project conditions, industry standards, and local regulating authorities, permit requirements, and any other standards that govern our worksites.

  • Developing work plans that match specification and / or plan requirements.
  • Achieving client satisfaction by maintaining continuous communications with Owners.
  • Eliminating rework by pushing responsibility for quality through every level of our organization.
  • Measuring results by monitoring each key project performance criteria and working regularly to improve our performance.
  • Striving for continuous improvement in all that we do by using lessons learned and data to improve our work

The purpose of the quality Manual is to provide a framework of how the Management determines policies and how the requirements of the QMS are to be achieved and supported within the overall QMS. It is also for defining how these policies are translated into a working system that can be maintained, reviewed and constantly improve. This manual clearly gives the interaction between processes. The manual is reviewed, authorized and approved for its application by the Management Representative. Controlled copies of the Manual are issued to those persons identified in the Distribution long and register of holders is maintained. The Management Representative (MR) is responsible to ensure that the content of this manual is understandable to all employees of the organization.

  • +966 (011) 2192256
  • advacon@advacon.com.sa
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