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Everyone Goes Home Safe

We will always be committed to the highest levels of safety

  • The firm is committed to providing job sites that are free from recognizable hazards. This is achieved by making the safety of all staff and every operation a priority throughout each project, from planning through to completion.
  • We manage safety issues and concerns by adhering to the following principles:

1. Compliance: We comply with all applicable safety regulations and requirements and implement programs and procedures to assure compliance.

2.Prevention: We employ management systems and procedures to identify and correct unsafe conditions. We train our employees to identify potential risk so we may take steps to prevent harm to our employees.

3. Monitoring: We measure our safety performance and efforts. The measurement results allow us to benchmark in order to evaluate our performance against the industry and, more importantly, against our own safety standards, always seeking ways to improve outcomes.

4. Communication: We communicate our commitment to a safe work environment and expectations at every project location to our employees, vendors, and clients. We share lessons learned throughout the company.

The elements of our Safety Program increase employees' levels of awareness of potential workplace hazards. ADVACON carefully plans work, recognizes hazards, and develops ways to reduce the risks of accidents. We use Job Safety Analysis, Toolbox Talks, Signage, Checklists, and other methods to reduce the risk of accidents.

Environmental Considerations

ADVACON’s commitment to the environment is apparent at each work site. ADVACON employees take their responsibility to the environment seriously, and ADVACON implements all controls necessary to ensure regulatory and permit compliance on every project. ADVACON’s environmental responsibility is both regulatory and value-based. The controls implemented on ADVACON ‘s projects support its regulatory compliance.
We pay just as close attention to environmental welfare as we do to the health and safety of our workforce. We take practical steps to mitigate any negative impact on the environment that our work might have.

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